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General Guideline to HVAC/R Troubleshooting

As a technician in this sector, you need to be very skilled in this so that you will be able to give your customers the solution to HVAC/R problems that they have. You need to put in mind that you have to look like a professional, waring the right clothes is a must and also you need to carry the necessary tools that will be needed from time to time. If you reach this point, then you need to follow the following so that you will be able to know how to troubleshoot these equipment.

You have to have a good communication with your customer. A video will do most of the communication on the behalf of the customer, you need to ask them to send you one. You then expected to watch the video so that you will be able to prepare yourself and research where the problem is. When they send you the video, you need to establish the length of time since when the problem came till date. The information that they will give will be of great use to you.

You need to assess your senses. There is no one who is going to check on your safety other than yourself. You need to take all the necessary precautions so that you don’t end up being hurt in the process. One thing that you have to do all the time is to ensure that your mask is on all the time. You need to make sure that you are in an environment that is right for you. You have to take a look at everything and find out the things that are not the way they are supposed to be.

Power is an interesting thing for you to pay attention to. Without power, there is no way that the equipment is going to work. You need to make sure that everything is correct here because there are times when this is the problem. You have to check this when you are looking for a solution here, you need to look at the primary power source. First of all, you have to make sure that is off, when you are operation on this to ensure your safety.

The next troubleshooting step is to look at the heat exchange medium. This type of equipment is meant to see to it that the surrounding air condition is regulated. If the fans are not working, then the machine will not do the work that is there for it to do. Fans can be the problem, you need to know how to correct them if they are not working as they should. After all these, the work is still not done, you have to look at the cooling diagnosis.

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